The museum

During your visit, discover the relationship between man and animal in prehistoric times… How did prehistoric man live? What was their relationship with animals? What led to the disappearance of certain emblematic species? Prehistory will hold no secrets for you.

  • musee-thot-nef-lascaux
    Panels from the Nave of Lascaux

    See a life-size representation of the walls of the Nave of Lascaux !

  • scenes-de-vie-musee-parc-du-thot
    Scenes from life

    Discover a faithful reconstruction of Cro-Magnon daily life and the techniques used to make tools, objects and weapons.

  • miroir-temporel-musee-thot
    Time mirror

    This augmented reality animation takes you on a journey to meet the great mammals of the last ice age: the woolly mammoth, the cave bear, the cave hyena, the megaceros…

  • film-3D-musee-thot
    3D film

    Discover the history of climate cycles over 2 million years and their consequences for human and animal evolution.