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Parc du Thot

Parc du Thot is open today from 09:00 to 18:30

A park that takes you back in time

Prehistory will no longer hold any secrets for you. At the Parc du Thot, we invite you to meet the animals that Cro-Magnon lived with and to discover his daily life. Come and explore the unique relationship between Cro-Magnon and the animal kingdom.

  • A wildlife park with many species

  • Educational content for everyone

  • A freely accessible museum area

  • Discovery workshops based on Cro-Magnon know-how

  • Just a few kilometres from Lascaux IV

Experiences and workshops

Discover the Parc du Thot with your family, friends or group.


    Combined ticket Parc du Thot + Lascaux IV

    Combined ticket Parc du Thot + Lascaux IV


    Located just a few kilometers from Parc du Thot, enrich your experience with a visit to Lascaux IV! The Centre International de l’Art Pariétal, an almost complete reproduction of the original cave, plunges you into cave art 21,000 years ago. Enjoy a complementary visit with this twin ticket to discover the animals of the Thot Park on the walls of the cave! Ticketing  …


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