Frequently asked questions

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Are discovery workshops included in my admission?
They are available during school vacations and are all supervised by an instructor. Please check the minimum age required for each workshop when purchasing.
Can I bring my pet ?
Pets are not allowed on site, with the exception of guide dogs.
Can I eat on site ?
There is no on-site catering service. However, we suggest you bring your own lunch and enjoy our partly covered picnic area !
Can I pay with vacation vouchers ?
You can pay online using E-Connect ANCV vouchers. Paper vacation vouchers can only be used at the ticket office.
Do I have to show up at the time indicated on my ticket ?
The time indicated on your ticket is the site's opening time, so your visit can take place at any time of day. We advise you to arrive at least 1 hour before closing time.
How far is it from Lascaux to Parc du Thot, and how long does it take ?
The two sites are 7km apart, so we estimate a minimum time of 20 minutes between exiting Lascaux IV and entering the Parc du Thot.
How long does the tour last ?
Visits last 1h30 on average. It comprises a museographic area and a wildlife park. This site allows you to ask questions about the life of Cro-Magnon and the importance of his relationship with animals.
Is it compulsory to visit Lascaux IV and the Parc du Thot on the same day?
As the Parc du Thot is a self-guided tour, you can visit whenever you like, as long as you stick to the date on your ticket (tickets are now valid until 05/01/25).
Is the site wheelchair-accessible ?
Only the indoor part is suitable for people with reduced mobility, as is the west park.
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