Current aurochs are made of different domesticated bovid races' cross-breeding/ Being bovids' ancestors, the aurochs has widely been hunted until disappearing in Poland in the 18th century. 

 Originally, the wild aurochs was a sedentary animal, with on one side females and calves, and on the other side young and old solitary males gathering for the rut period. This rustic animal, solid and resistant, can live outside all year long and endure temperatures down to -30° C. 

 Herbs, grass, young shoots, feeding periods interspersed with rumination phases.

 Eurasia and North America. Mixed environment / moorlands areas / This animal endures rather well humidity.

 Ungulate ruminant mammals / bovids family

 Male 1,60 m at the shoulder / Female 1,50 m at the shoulder

 Male and female 800-1000 kg / News-born calf 30-40 kg