Discovering the Relationship between Man & Animal in Prehistory

Located in the heart of the Vézère Valley, the Parc du Thot invites you to take a trip back in time to discover the skills of Cro-Magnon men and the animals they lived with. As you walk through the parks, you will meet the species with whom they shared their daily lives and with whom we still live today.

Our museum area will give you a better understanding of the Ice Age environment and the climatic changes that led to the disappearance of emblematic species ; you can discover these with the Time Mirror. You can also see the Nave of Lascaux illuminated in different ways to better admire the paintings and engravings & discover how the painters made the everyday objects they took into the cave: lamps, brushes.

For the most curious, try the Cro-Magnon experience! The discovery workshops for an introduction to prehistoric techniques will plunge you into the daily life of the men and women of prehistory. Our team of animal caretakers and mediators is there to accompany you in this exploration of the many facets of our distant past.

Thot park

Immersive experience

During the animal lunch, come and meet the caretakers of the Parc du Thot who will tell you about the animals they look after and answer all your questions.

Every day of the year: Stags at 11:30 am (school holidays: 11 am) - Wolves at 3 pm (fasting on Friday) 

The Time Mirror will allow you to discover 3 of the most emblematic species of the Ice Age and to better understand the reasons for their extinction.

Sessions of 20 min.

Our animation team will present you, in the park, the animals painted on the walls of the prehistoric caves - or their close cousins - by explaining their place in the daily life of the Palaeolithic men.
Duration: 20 to 30 minutes

Guided tours in the park to explore our relationship with other species through time and their place in our society today. (Living heritage - First domestications - Observation and management of European wildlife)

Duration: 30 to 45 minutes

Immersive visits are a must at the Parc du Thot to put you in a situation! Prehistoric gestures or the daily life of an animal keeper, live unique experiences with our team!

For children and families, become a real Cro-Magnon! Our 1-hour workshops will allow you to discover the gestures of our ancestors by making your own objects (jewellery, lamps, leather bags, etc.) or by painting like them on the walls of a shelter... 

During school holidays only. Activities in addition to the entrance fee.

An unforgettable experience awaits you! For one morning, the Parc du Thot invites you to step into the shoes of an animal caretaker and discover this unique and rewarding profession. In addition to the visit, you will share the daily life of the animal teams and enjoy their anecdotes about the animals. 
This activity is available on Thursdays during the school holidays from Easter to All Saints' Day.

Delve into the world of Cro-Magnon Man

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  • 1 Carpark
  • 2 Entrance & Shop
  • 3 Mini-farm
  • 4 Cave Painting Workshop
  • 5 Archaeological Dig Workshop
  • 6 Panoramic Viewpoint
  • 7 Wolf Park
  • 8 Grease-lamp making and creation of prehistoric ornamentation workshops
  • 9 Cro-Magnon’s Hunting Techniques Workshop
  • 10 Picnic Area
  • 11 Flint-knapping / Leatherwork Workshops
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  • VIP Events carte interactive le Thot
  • Facilitators’ Meeting Point carte interactive le Thot

Mammoth & Co.

An application to download

Go on an augmented reality safari in the Thot park thanks to "Mammoth & Co"!

This application allows you to discover the extinct animals of prehistoric times. You can then adopt the animal and take care of it!

Available on the App Store and Google Play, this application is free.