Discovering the Relationship between Man & Animal in Prehistory

Ideally located, the Parc du Thot brings together in one place a museum space, an animal park and modules of workshops "prehistory". This visit to the discovery of the Man-Animal relationship invites to travel to the prehistoric era and allows the visitor to discover the man of Cro-Magnon, hunter and animal painter emeritus.

Delve into the world of Cro-Magnon Man

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  • 1 Carpark
  • 2 Entrance & Shop
  • 3 Mini-farm
  • 4 Cave Painting Workshop
  • 5 Archaeological Dig Workshop
  • 6 Panoramic Viewpoint
  • 7 Wolf Park
  • 8 Grease-lamp making and creation of prehistoric ornamentation workshops
  • 9 Cro-Magnon’s Hunting Techniques Workshop
  • 10 Picnic Area
  • 11 Flint-knapping / Leatherwork Workshops
  • Viewpoints carte interactive le Thot
  • VIP Events carte interactive le Thot
  • Facilitators’ Meeting Point carte interactive le Thot

Live the Prehistoric Experience!

Located in Thonac, very close to Montignac, Thot Park is the perfect addition to any visit to Lascaux. Delve into the world of Cro-Magnon man! (more information)

The animated 3D film will take you through 2 million years of climate fluctuations and its consequences on the evolution of mankind and animals. It explains why Cro-Magnon man settled in the Dordogne, leaving behind so many exceptional works of art, such as the Lascaux cave paintings.  The “Temporal Mirror” is an augmented reality animation providing a unique, interactive experience in which the visitor lives alongside prehistoric species, just as Cro-Magnon man would have done. It’s time to meet mammoths, cave bears, spotted hyenas, giant deer and more.

Discover prehistoric art in a museum space dedicated to prehistoric daily life.  Thanks to a brand-new black-lighting process, the engravings of Lascaux are displayed in great detail.

To complete your visit, you will be able to compare the depictions of the animals painted on the walls of Lascaux with their living descendants in the animal park: aurochs, deer, bison, Przewalski’s horses (also known as Mongolian wild horses), wolves and more.

Then, at the end, the whole family can test their knowledge playing the interactive tablet game based on the themes of the visit.

My Tickets

Hang out with the Wolf Handlers

VIP event – The Wolf Handlers!

Experience a unique moment close to the animals in the Park and especially with our wolves : a backstage tour, food preparation ... Spend almost 2 hours in the role of an animal keeper! After the visit, you will spend time with the animal teams and listen to their stories. Here, you will be able to ask the keepers any questions you like.


Visitors are welcomed by the team and given instructions
Presentation of the daily work of the animal keepers
Medical training and discussion with the keepers about the animal species present at Thot Park (diet, behaviour, identification, reproduction, habitat, what a keeper does, etc.)
Non-guided visit of Thot Park exploring prehistoric man’s relationship with animals. (‘Temporal Mirror’, augmented reality, 3D cinema, quiz questions)