During the rut period, stags are so concentrated repelling their competitors and seducing doe deer that they almost forget eating. Indeed, during this period some stags can lose up to a third of their weight.

  Females gather in herds accompanied by their fawn and the last litter’s young deer. Males over 2 years old gather after the rut season (September – October) forming groups in Spring, latter adult males will individualize to join females for the breeding season.

 Herbaceous and woody plants, young shoots, and tree barks. From 4 to 6 feeding periods per day, interspersed with rumination phases.

 Europe / Asia and North America (open or semi-open environment) / forest massifs / mountain pastures.

 Ungulate ruminant mammals / Cervids family

 Male 90 cm – 1.45 m at the shoulder. Female 1.20 m – 1.40 m at the shoulder.

 Male 130 – 250 kg. Female 90 – 130 kg.