With its great agility, the fallow deer can jump a 2 m height with a disconcerting ease to propel itself on a 7 m length

  Females live in herds, led by a matriarch, accompanied by their young fawns and the last litter’s young fallow deer. Males gather during the rut season (breeding season) in Autumn (mid-October / mid-November). The fallow deer is not a territorial animal, it travels long distances searching for food but comes back each year at the same reproduction site. Lifespan: about 20 years

 Herbivore (herbs, buds, acorns, tree barks).

 Europe. Mixed forests sparse with hardwoods / Plains and wooded areas / Low Mountain.

 Ungulate ruminant mammals / cervid family

 Male 90 cm – 1 m at the shoulder. Female 80 cm at the shoulder.

 Male 90 - 110 kg. Female 50 – 60 kg. New-born fawn 3 – 4 kg.